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  • An absolute long-term fix for every pipeline & vessel corrosion!
  • The current coating technology for oil & gas pipelines has both technical & economical disadvantages.
  • A lot of factors play an important role in this like climate, properties of the substrate traveling through the pipeline, product flammability & rate of flow. The pipeline happens to be underwater, underground, or above the ground, the coating has to be done in a way that should give long-term durability, on all sides of pipelines.
  • An industrial pipeline is a process vessel that faces the most corrosive and challenging environment. Lotus Duracote is formulated in a way that will protect all the surfaces from chemicals, moisture, salty air, etc. Our coating is 100% self-priming and can be applied to any kind of metal by spray, roller, or brush.
  • To prepare them for coating you only need to remove the rust & lose paint. No special surface profile is required as it possesses excellent adhesive properties. Lotus Duracote is applicable to withstand high temperatures (up to 800°F).

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