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  • Scribble your ideas continuously hassle-free.
  • More than a decade ago, Lotus Wonderwall coatings were introduced in the American market. They had substances to turn any surface into a dry-erase surface. This becomes a hit all over America & eventually in the entire world.
  • We might not be the leaders but the perfectionist in the dry-erase coating market of the world. Almost all kinds of surface areas are suitable for getting converted to a dry-surface.
  • Any kind of writings on them can be easily wiped without leaving any ghost mark. As for marks of permanent marker, they can be wiped off using Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Lotus Wonderwall dry-erase coatings are available in many different colors and gloss & matte finish. Apart from these Lotus Wonderwall is the only dry-erase coating system that’s available in a matte finish in the world!

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